Sunday, July 08, 2007

This video is of a Rockwall enclosure at a know Native American site in Nova Scotia

My digital camera picked up on a paranormal experience. The sound you hear at the 38 seconds wasn't heard by the human ears. This is of another frequency and plain which my ears could not hear.I could hear the mosquito's and my own footsteps at that moment of recording, but not this sound. My camera has picked up on electro-magnetic energy with Images but not sound,this is a first.

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Anonymous said...

Um, wow on the noise that made my eardrums ring! It sounds like it is someone chipping a stone in hits of three, but quickly, with some kind of electronic static screaming background, then the high pitch at the end, bizarre! You should revisit with a tape recorder and other paranormal electronics. It must have been a big shock to hear that!