Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Micmac's Nova Scotia, C 1910 courtesy of Public Archives of Nova Scotia

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Micmac Women and baskets,Nova Scotia, c. 1895, Photo Courtesy of Public Archives of Nova Scotia

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Some Shell-heaps in Nova Scotia, Eisenhauer Shell-heaps Oakland , Nova Scotia

Monday, July 09, 2007

Public comments on the Video below This is really interesting, thank you for sharing it with me. I viewed the clip "open" mediumistically speaking, and I felt this was founded by native people as something akin to a sweat lodge. I saw a sacred place for meditation and guidance that served as a portal to other places and dimensions at times. I saw in my minds eye a fire and men with dark hair and bare chests sat around in darkness, in a trance state, only the fire in the centre of the darkness lighting the space. There was a wooden structure and furs creating a roof above the stones with a vent for the firesmoke. Some carved wooden effigies stood in the niches but I couldn't make out detail, I felt one was an eagle though. At times I felt that men sat in meditation in these niches in winter as a kind of endurance vigil, invoking the energies of the animal effigies. I hope you find this interesting... Bright Blessings Rachel http://www.rachelkeene.net/
Public Comments of the Video below. The below ground structure shown in your video is a 19th century housefoundation. The short narrow extension from the foundation would have helda stair case to access the cellar, most likely from an outside bulkhead.The foundation is an excellent state of preservation suggesting the houseprobable survived into the late 1800's or early 20th century before beingdestroyed. The house could have been a small homestead, summer cottage, oreven a well built hunting camp.As for the other photos, these are without question Native Americancairns. It is a typical mix of cairns styles seen all along the Atlanticcoast - split boulder cairn, on ground cairns, cairn attached to aboulder, etc.We have seen a number of sites with multiple land use. Meaning an oldercairn site was re-used by a white farmer during the historic period. Inmany of these cases, the farmer tended to leave the cairns untouched forwhatever reason. We have seen a few cases, in which the cairn site wascontemporary with the farm - a case where the farm was owned by NativeAmerican family which had adopted European culture but secretly maintainedtheir old religious traditions, generally on a remote (out-of-sight)section of the farm. - This mixed cultural/time periods usage of the sameland tends to cause all sorts of confusion to researchers. This confusionis at the heart of disagreements over Oakland site.As for the noise on the video clip, I suspect it maybe from the camera. Idefinitely can hear at the beginning of the clip some "noise" from thecamera, and I suspect the high pitched noise near the end is related. Thebest way to find out is film some more 30 sec to 60 sec clips and see if you get a repeat of the noise. James Gage http://www.stonestructures.org/

Sunday, July 08, 2007

This video is of a Rockwall enclosure at a know Native American site in Nova Scotia

My digital camera picked up on a paranormal experience. The sound you hear at the 38 seconds wasn't heard by the human ears. This is of another frequency and plain which my ears could not hear.I could hear the mosquito's and my own footsteps at that moment of recording, but not this sound. My camera has picked up on electro-magnetic energy with Images but not sound,this is a first.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Enclosure Feature?
The photo suggests a possible feature (marked in blue). This may be an enclosure, sometimes referred to as a prayer seat. The use of small one or two person enclosures by Native Americans has been documented. They were used by shamans for various rituals and by people on visions quest. We suspected there were other uses as well.
Feature Marked in blue is what appears to a segment of stone wall. This feature passes through a fissure or split in a boulder or exposed bedrock. Split boulders and fissure in bedrock were utilized, linked to, or otherwise factored into a number of Native American stonework sites in New England. There is a growing consensus that these splits or fissures were considered “spirit portals” to the Underworld.
Stone Wall This photo shows a non-linear stone wall. The line of the wall is indicated in blue. The red circle indicates a large in ground boulder incorporated into the wall construction. The width of wall varies from single stone wide construction to a wider more mound shape construction (or deterioration). Land division between family members and property line disputes sometimes resulted remarkable erratic boundary walls. Evidence for such erratic boundaries can be found in property deeds and maps. Native American ritual stone walls used to define sacred space, provided features for spirits to travel along, link different components of the natural landscape together, or accentuate landscape features also tend to create unusual stone walls. This wall’s course was intentional laid out to include the large boulder. This linking characteristic is typical of Native American stone walls.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Rock Piles and Stone Walls in Nova Scotia Researching this site, there has been many comments,some have said that this enclosure was a garden and the rock walls were to keep the Deer out.Those of you who know the white tail deer in North America can do a standing jump of over 6 feet in height. That would mean piling up these round rocks 6 feet plus to just keep the deer out. These walls are only 2 feet high ,and they are not in straight lines .Local dowsers have found that the zig zag or the snake like walls are built on the energy coming from the ground.That would explain why the Serpentine like walls and not straight as a Colonalist would build.Some have said that this whole complex of rock walls, cairns and rock built structures were the workings of a sheep farm.The local history reports of no such farming took place in this area.This area was a Major Headquaters for the Native American groups living in this territory for thousands of years.This Place is very sacred and I feel that by disturbing it with herds of people is going to affect it in many ways.Climbing over the walls and structures is going to knock down the rocks and cause irreversible damage.Respect to this sacred place is needed in a big way. To the property owners I hope that you have an understanding of what this place is and needs to maintain its present condition. I hope that they think of the people who built it and not of themselves for the benefit of the Dollar they should make from the bulldozers.Picture Stonehedge in England, vision it being bulldozed to the ground piled up and the stone being salvage for a Great wall in the Queens Castle. Thats about the same scale here. Rip apart an island that was forested and teaming with wildlife,for the sake of someones vision as being their Castle. I hope we can change our visions and see the Land for its beauty and the way Mother Nature intended it to be.
Photo-1 .Possible prayer location, on Rock Wall.
Photo-2 .Serpentine rock wall enclosure.