Monday, July 09, 2007

Public comments on the Video below This is really interesting, thank you for sharing it with me. I viewed the clip "open" mediumistically speaking, and I felt this was founded by native people as something akin to a sweat lodge. I saw a sacred place for meditation and guidance that served as a portal to other places and dimensions at times. I saw in my minds eye a fire and men with dark hair and bare chests sat around in darkness, in a trance state, only the fire in the centre of the darkness lighting the space. There was a wooden structure and furs creating a roof above the stones with a vent for the firesmoke. Some carved wooden effigies stood in the niches but I couldn't make out detail, I felt one was an eagle though. At times I felt that men sat in meditation in these niches in winter as a kind of endurance vigil, invoking the energies of the animal effigies. I hope you find this interesting... Bright Blessings Rachel

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